AmnesiaGames is a Chilean company which makes games and apps for mobile platforms. Our headquarters are in Santiago, Chile.

Long story short? We LOVE making games!!! And when we're not too busy making them, we are also playing! Check out our FAQ for questions about our games, or contact us directly by our Customer Support page

Customer Support
1.- Where can I find your games?

You can find our old games at the Nokia Ovi Store. Also World of Doodles is currently avaliable on Facebook

2.- I have a great game idea! Do you do work-for-hire?

Yes, we love great ideas! Contact us by our Customer Support page

3.- What engine or framework do you use to develop your games?

It's an in-house developed game engine called APE©. All our games might be available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Blackberry Playbook, Playstation Mobile, Xbox 360, Web, Pc and Mac.

4.- I want to be a game developer. Can I join you guys?