World of Doodles is an awesome pictionary-style game with a twist!

World of Doodles is a digital version of the traditional word guessing game. In World of Doodles you play against people from all around the world, guessing user-submitted drawings. You can also submit your own creation and let other people guess the word you were trying to paint (which can be very funny). Once your drawing is complete, you can share it with your facebook friends and let them guess it too.

There are many categories like: Animals, Objects, Activities, Places, Videogames, Christmas. You earn points for every action you do on the game, compete with your friends for the best score. There is a leaderboard for your friends, one for the best guessers and another for the best artists.


* Everybody can play, no need to paint like a master
* We made painting real easy. For the most adventurous players there are also special creative tools
* You play with all the others, there is no need to invite a friend or wait for somebody’s turn to play
* Language is handled by the game, so the experience is the same for everyone regardless their location
* Worldwide Leaderboards for guessers and 'doodlers' provides challenge for all the players

What people say about WoD

“Perhaps one of the better Pictionary style flash games to be released recently” - Flashmush
"Y tú, ¿te crees un maestro del dibujo y las adivinanzas? Participa en World of Doodles!" - Vardoc

Official Trailer